FreeImage FreeImage

Image editing is a tough job if you do not have the appropriate tools. However, software developers started to create a lot of programs...

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10:18 AM

Brain Workshop Brain Workshop

IQ training with Dual-N-Back - This method is useful if you are looking to develop your working memory. In a recent study, this trainin...

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10:14 AM

Quite Universal Circuit Simulator Quite Universal Circuit Simulator

Qucs is a circuit simulator with graphical user interface. The software aims to support all kinds of circuit simulation types, e.g. DC,...

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10:10 AM

Gutenprint - Top Quality Printer Drivers Gutenprint - Top Quality Printer Drivers

A very high quality package of printer drivers for Ghostscript and CUPS on Linux, Macintosh OS X, and other POSIX-compliant operating s...

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10:06 AM

gramps gramps

Linux has a very popular genealogical program called Gramps to hold your ancestor's data. However, Windows programs generally offer...

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10:02 AM

JasperReports Library JasperReports Library

JasperReports Library, the world's most popular open source business intelligence and reporting engine and JasperReports Server, th...

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9:44 AM

TeXnicCenter TeXnicCenter

TeXnicCenter is a LaTeX editor on Windows. Navigating LaTeX documents is simple due to the automatically created document outline. Erro...

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9:36 AM