Brain Workshop

IQ training with Dual-N-Back - This method is useful if you are looking to develop your working memory. In a recent study, this training task has been proven to effectively increase IQ by up to 40%.

There are many free Dual-N-back programs that you can find online. Do a search for 'Brain Workshop', which is available for both Mac and Windows users. Practicing with this program for 20 minutes a day will develop your concentration and memory.

I have personally used this training method to increase my score on a professionally administered, timed IQ test. If you are looking to increase your IQ score, for a job promotion or personal challenge, I highly recommend this method.

Brain Workshop is a Python implementation of the Dual N-Back mental exercise. This exercise is the only mental activity that has been scientifically shown to improve your short-term memory (working memory) and fluid intelligence.

Click here to download the software ==> Brain Workshop


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